Chinrose International Padlocks and Security Hardware



Chinrose International is a leading supplier of locks and security hardware with our CHINROSE® and SECURUS® brands to many industries in the USA, Canada and South America.


Founded in 2000, Chinrose International quickly gained prominence as a leading supplier in the Self Storage Industry with the CHINROSE® brand and supplying a number of private label brands.


We quickly expanded our lines of locks to other industries including Container, Recycling, Vending, Trucking, Commercial and Retail.   The demand varies from industry to industry and our range of products is extensive.  Our customers consider us to be their supplier of choice.


Chinrose has excelled in designing locks to many industries when standard locks are not adequate.   Customers call us after they received their new equipment and find standard locks do not fit!


Locks are assembled in our Oregon facility for sale to the local, state and federal agencies and the Government.  These locks meet and exceed the applicable ASTM Performance Standards.  Chinrose is an approved manufacturer of several National Stock Numbers (NSN).


We take pride in offering the most sought after locks and security hardware.


Very many years in the supply of security products has given us much experience and we continue to learn from our Customers.


Our locks meet and typically exceed the technical specifications of the other well-known brands.  Try us and you will not be disappointed.


Our Customer Service is of a very high standard.   Our knowledgeable staff are well trained to offer efficient service and satisfaction.

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