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The Solid Brass Padlock provides extra protection for the harshest weather conditions and corrosive environments. The hardened steel shackle provides extra cutting protection.  A double locking mechanism provides extra pry resistance.  It has a precision 5 pin brass cylinder.  These padlocks are perfect for both interior and exterior use.

Item # Body Width Pins Shackle Diameter Vertical Shackle  Clearance Horizontal Shackle Clearance
261 3/4”(20mm) 3 1/16”(3mm) 7/16”(11mm) 7/16”(11mm)
262 1”(25mm) 3 1/8”(4mm) 5/8”(15mm) 1/2”(13mm)
263 11/4”(32mm) 4 3/16”(5mm) 1/4”(7mm) 5/8”(16mm)
264 11/2”(40mm) 5 1/4”(6mm) 29/32”(23mm) 13/16”(21mm)
2645 13/4”(45mm) 5 1/4”(6mm) 1”(26mm) 7/8”(22mm)
265 2”(50mm) 5 1/4”(7mm) 11/8”(28mm) 1”(25mm)
266 21/2”(65mm) 5 1/3”(9mm) 11/2”(38mm) 11/4”(32mm)
L264 11/2”(44mm) 5 1/4”(6mm) 21/2”(64mm) 3/4”(20mm)
L265 2”(50mm) 5 1/3”(9mm) 3”(76mm) 1”(25mm)


Product Features:

  • 5 Pin Precision Brass Tumbler Cylinder
  • Hardened Shackle for extra cutting protection
  • Double Locking Mechanism
  • Solid Brass protects against Rust and Corrosion

Customization Options:

  • Keyed Alike Available
  • Private Label
  • Twin Pack and 4 Pack of Size 3/4” (20mm) Keyed Alike
  • Twin Pack of Size 11/2”(40mm) Keyed Alike
  • Long Shackle Available in Several Sizes
  • Available in Blister Packages for Retail Sales

Best Used For:

  • Gates, Fences or Sheds
  • Lockers and Computers
  • Cable Boxes, Utility Meters and Substation Boxes
  • General Outdoor Usage Commercial, Industrial and Storefronts


Self Storage     Container     Recycling     Newspaper and Media    Vending     Commercial     Government     Locksmith     Trucking     Schools and Universities