Solid Steel - Hidden Shackle

Solid Steel - Hidden ShackleH2001B    H2001S

Shackless (Hockey Puck) Locks and Hasps


The Shackless Lock is commonly referred to as a Hockey Puck or Puck Lock due to the perfectly round shape.  This is an excellent for superior security.  The shackleless design provides protection against sawing, cutting and prying.


This is a Professional Grade solid steel lock, not a cast steel product that can be compromised with a screwdriver and hammer.


Each lock weights about one pound.  The solid brass cylinders are available in 5 or 6 pin.




Item # Pins Diameter Height Shackle Diameter Well

Width    Vertical    Depth

H2000 5/6 23/4”(73mm) 11/4”(32mm) to 11/2”(38mm) 3/8”(10mm) 44mm 15mm 30mm
H2000XD 5/6 23/4”(73mm) 11/4”(32mm) to 11/2”(38mm) 3/8”(10mm) 44mm 20mm 35mm


Specially designed Hockey Puck Hasps provide additional security with a 2” high collar that adds further protection to the locks.  The hasps are available with a side or bottom key entry opening.


The Hasps are plated against rust and corrosion.


Optional square head carriage bolts are available




Item # Length Width
H2001S 81/4”(229mm) 41/2”(115mm)
H2001B 81/4”(229mm) 41/2”(115mm)


Product Features:

  • Shackless deign
  • Solid Hardened Steel
  • Plated against Rust and Corrosion
  • 5 or 6 pin Solid Brass Cylinder

Customization Options:

  • Keyed Alike Available
  • Private Label
  • Box Packed for Retail

Best Used For:

  • High Security Protection
  • Shipping Containers
  • Gates, Sheds, Exterior Doors
  • Commercial, Industrial and Storefronts
  • Public works, Facilities and Utilities


Self Storage     Container     Recycling     Newspaper and Media    Vending     Commercial     Government     Locksmith     Trucking     Schools and Universities