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A sample of security hardware that we inventory. We also offer custom solutions.

This is a Profession Grade solid steel lock, not a cast steel product that can be compromised with a screwdriver and hammer. This lock is also known as a “Puck” lock due to the round shape.  The shackle less design provides excellent security and protection against sawing, cutting and prying.  Specially designed steel hasps for additional protection are available with either a side or bottom key entry opening.

We offer a full range of latches including the CHICAGO SLIDE BOLT and SHIELDED SLIDE BOLT and standard ROLL-UP DOOR latches of heavy gage steel for most corrugated patterns suitable for 1 or  2 cylinder locks and standard locks.  Our heavy gage steel HASPS for standard doors and gates are available in 5 lengths and plated against rust and corrosion.  The unique GAGE HASP designed to secure single and double gates is made of slid steel and zinc plated against rust and corrosion.

The safe can be programmed with a personalized combination or opened with a High Security Manual Override Key.  Two keys are available with each safe.


The Electronic Digital Safe is constructed of solid steel with an electronic digital lock.  The safe has one shelf and is carpet lined. All safes are operated with size AA batteries.

Designed for cutting hard metal, including chains, locks and bolts.  The high tensile steel jaws provide professional quality cutting.


Longer Bolt Cutters have more fulcrum strength and will cut harder materials.  The Bolt Cutters are available in 24”, 30” and 36” sizes.

This Wrench is available with 4 or 5 spokes.  The distinct heads are designed to open caps, bungs and plugs of drums, barrels and containers used in all commercial industries from food, chemical, breweries and more.  The unique spoke design allow for maximum leverage, ease of use and reduces the potential for injuries.

Many industries and businesses have the requirement to secure machinery, overlock doors and containers and adhere to OSHA requirements.  The SECURITY LOCKOUT DEVICE is available in 2 sizes and accommodates up to 6 padlocks.