Our most popular lock

Providing high security, our Stainless Steel Disc Padlocks are very popular.

Designed with a shrouded shackle and body that covers the majority of the shackle leaving only a limited area vulnerable to cutting or sawing.

It has a hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance.  The key retaining feature ensures the padlock is not left unlocked.

Chinrose Locks


  • 5 Pin Brass Cylinder
  • Anti Pick Mushroom Pins
  • Hardened Shackle
  • Laser Welded Stainless Steel Body
  • 3 Drip Holes


Customization Options:

  • Keyed Alike Available in all Sizes
  • Red, Green and Yellow Painted Keyed Alike in Standard 23/4”(70mm) Size
  • Dimple Key
  • Keyless 4 Dial Resettable Combination
  • Private Label
  • Twin Pack 2 Standard Size 23/4”(70mm) Padlocks Keyed Alike

Best Used For:

  • Self Storage
  • Portable Storage
  • Sea Containers
  • Recycling Containers
  • Vending Machines
  • Commercial, Industrial & Storefronts

Some of our models are listed below

Item # Body Width Pins Shackle Diameter Vertical Shackle Clearance Horizontal Shackle Clearance
D50 2”(50mm) 4 1/4”(7mm) 5/16”(8mm) 11/16”(17mm)
D60 23/8”(60mm) 5 5/16”(8mm) 1/2”(13mm) ¾”(19mm)
D70 23/4”(70mm) 5 3/8”(9mm) 11/16”(18mm) 15/16”(24mm)
D80 3”(80mm) 5 7/16”(12mm) 3/4”(19mm) 11/16”(27mm)
D90 31/2”(90mm) 5 7/16”(12mm) 29/32”(23mm) 11/8”(28mm)
D70D 23/4”(70mm) NA 2/5”(10mm) 11/16”(18mm) 13/16”(20mm)
D70C 23/4”(70mm) N/A 3/8”(9mm) 11/16”(18mm) 7/8”(22mm)

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