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Management and Audit locks have the unique feature of being keyed alike.  The feature provides for multiple locks to be opened with the same key.  Other features such as color or labels are used to distinguish various uses or applications of the locks.

For example in the Self Storage industry the color red typically means a delinquent customer and yellow means available for rental.

Since Management and Audit functions are common to many industries we offer a full range of products for varying security requirements and environmental conditions from the painted stainless steel disc lock to the plastic seals.




Item # Body Width Pins Shackle Diameter Vertical Shackle  Clearance Horizontal Shackle Clearance
Stainless Steel Disc Lock painted Red, Yellow or Green
D70 23/4”(70mm) 5 3/8”(9mm) 7/8”(22mm) 11/16”(17mm)
Solid Iron Padlock in natural Grey or Painted Red, Yellow, Green or Blue
364 1”(25mm) 5 3/16”(5mm) 7/8”( 22mm) 3/4”(19mm)
Solid Iron Padlock encased in colored Plastic in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue
MAKA 11/4”(32mm)   5 3/16”(5mm) 5/8”(16mm) 5/8”(16mm)
Solid Brass Padlock
264LO 11/2”(44mm) 5 1/4”(7mm) 7/8”(22mm) 3/4”(19mm)
Solid Brass Padlock engraved with WARNING SEE MANAGER
WMKA 13/4”(45mm) 5 1/4”(7mm) 7/8”(22mm) 3/4”(19mm)
Aluminum Padlock in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue
C40A 2”(50mm) 5 3/8”(9mm) 11/8”(29mm) 1”(24mm)
Nylon Body 19mm Cylinder Lock in Red or Yellow
CLKA  3/4”(19mm)  4  N/A  N/A  N/A
Plastic Seals in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue
PS 21/2”(65mm) 5 7/16”(11mm) 11/4”(32 mm) 15/16”(33mm)
Safety Lockout Devise
SL420 1” Inside Diameter when Jaws are Closed
SL450 11/2” Inside Diameter when Jaws are Closed


Product Features:

  • Keyed Alike for Management and Audit purposes
  • Full Range of Product for a variety of Security Requirements
  • Full Range of Products for Environmental Conditions

Best Used For:

  • Self Storage
  • Gates, Fences or Sheds
  • Libraries
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Utility including Water and Power Meters
  • Commercial, Industrial and Storefronts


Self Storage     Container     Recycling     Newspaper and Media    Vending     Commercial     Government     Locksmith     Trucking     Schools and Universities