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Selection of Locks Available from Chinrose International

Block Lock  Also known as a Warehouse Lock, it has a thick stainless steel armor plate around a solid brass body for additional protection against extreme weather, rust and corrosion.  The special design of the key entry and the shackle drop down on the same end is the perfect fit for many applications.

Brass Padlock The Solid Brass Padlock provides extra protection for the harshest weather conditions and corrosive environments.  With a hardened steel shackle for extra cutting protection and a double locking mechanism for more pry resistance, these locks are perfect for both interior and exterior use. 

Combination Padlocks There are 3 categories of combination locks, the ROTARY DIAL combination padlock available in 2 sizes and assorted colors with 3 digit dialing; the MASTER KEYED ROTARY DIAL COMBINATION LOCKS has the additional feature of a master key (override key) which will open the locked padlock; and the RESETTABLE COMBINATION PADLOCK with 4 digit dials under the padlock body that can easily be reset and is available in a Brass, Zinc or Laminated Steel Body.

Commercial Padlocks These Stainless Steel and Hardened Steel padlocks are manufactured to strictest specifications. These locks have superior features providing extra security.  The cylinders are rekeyable and interchangeable (IC Cores) and compatible with many door locks. Several styles are available with Boron Alloy shackles.

Coupler Locks This lock has a solid brass body and is designed for securing latch type trailer hitch couplers including recreational vehicles, ATV’s and UTV’s

Chromed Brass Padlock This lock has a solid brass body chrome plated for additional protection against the harshest weather and corrosive environments.  A feature of this padlock is the standard pin cylinder or a disc and spacer cylinder which is difficult to pick and uses a dual dimension key which is hard to duplicate. These are also available with hardened steel or Boron Alloy shackles.

Cylinder Locks This is an extra security lock.  There is no shackle eliminating the potential for cutting, sawing or prying.  The lock body is chrome plated on solid brass.

Disc Locks  The Stainless Steel Disc Padlock is designed with a shrouded shackle which leaves only a limited area vulnerable to cutting or sawing providing high security.  The stainless steel body is excellent for exterior use.  

Government Locks  Include a full range of keyed different and keyed alike sets of LAMINATED STEEL and LAMINATED BRASS padlocks.  Also available are Laminated Steel RESETTABLE COMBINATION locks with 4 digit dials.  Special Lock Sets of our COMMERCIAL GRADE SOLID STEEL LOCKS consisting of 3 to 10 locks in keyed alike are designed for military and commercial applications.

Hockey Puck Locks and Hasps  This is a Profession Grade solid steel lock, not a cast steel product that can be compromised with a screwdriver and hammer. This lock is also known as a “Puck” lock due to the round shape.  The shackle less design provides excellent security and protection against sawing, cutting and prying.  Specially designed steel hasps for additional protection are available with either a side or bottom key entry opening.

Iron Padlocks  This is a solid heavy weight lock with a brass pin cylinder and a hardened steel shackle.

Laminated Steel Locks  There are 3 categories of these locks.  The LAMINATED STEEL PADLOCK is plated against rust and corrosion with a hardened steel shackle and double locking mechanism for extra cutting and pry resistance.  These locks are perfect for interior and exterior use.  The THERMAL ENCASED is a weatherproof thermoplastic encasing covering the laminated steel body, even the shackle and key hole are covered for protection from water, ice, dirt and grime. The X SERIES is a Profession Grade heavy weight padlock.  This lock is manufactured to strict technical specifications.   

Management and Audit Locks  Typically these locks are keyed alike which provides for multiple locks to be opened with the same key.  Other features of these locks are colors or labels to distinguish various uses or applications.  Management and Audit functions are common to many industries, we have a full range of products for varying security requirements and environmental conditions.

Travel (TSA) Locks These travel locks are approved for use by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at all US Airports. TSA has a master key and can open the lock if needed to inspect.  These locks are available in solid brass or with a red, yellow, blue or black colored jacket on solid brass and packaged in sets of 2 or 4. 

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