Retail Industry


In addition to our CHINROSE® and SECURUS® brands we offer many private label locks to Retail and other industries.


Some of the most popular locks are Laminated Steel and Brass Padlocks from small luggage locks to standard sizes available in single pack, keyed alike and multi packs of 2 and 4 locks.  The Combination Padlock together with and Resettable Combination Padlocks are also popular retail items.


Chinrose International supplies retail chains that support specialized industries such as farming or trucking with locks unique to meet their requirements.


 In addition to the above locks, Chinrose International supplies a full range of other locks.  We also design locks when standard padlocks are not adequate.


Walk into a hardware store of any size and you will see a variety of locks of all sizes, shapes and configurations sold as one, two, three, four or even eight on a single card.

All of these configurations can be purchased form us, keyed alike or keyed different.

Combinations locks are available in similar configurations.