Recycling Industry


The Recycling Industry encompasses everything from refuse to clothes and cooking oil.   The recent emphasis on the environment and personal and financial incentives for going Green have expanded the scope and volume of this industry.

The price of used cooking oil is more than gold.  Bins for used clothing and shoes appear in commercial parking areas.

Specialized locks and padlocks have been designed for this industry.  Most locks are keyed alike allowing the same key to open several locks.

The Recycling Industry uses locks that are difficult to pick open.   A popular lock is the Stainless Steel Round Disc Lock with the Tubular Key (Item #D70T).   This lock also has a shrouded shackle with minimal exposed shackle making it difficult to cut and saw.  The Stainless Steel body resists rust and corrosion ideal for outside use.

Another popular padlock is the 1½” or 2” (40 and 50mm respectively) Chromed Brass Padlock with the Dual Dimension keyway.  This lock has a disc and spacer mechanism cylinder rather than the standard pin cylinder.  It is difficult to pick and the key is virtually impossible to duplicate.  The chrome on solid brass also resists rust and corrosion which is ideal for outdoor use.  An optional feature of this lock is a boron shackle.  Boron is the hardest known metal making a Boron Alloy shackle resistant to  cutting and sawing.

Chinrose International offers this ability to design locks to fit and protect where a standard lock is not suitable.