Newspaper and Media Industry

Newspaper The Newspaper and Media Industry have numerous locations on sidewalks in downtown, retail and commercial areas to be readily available to their customers. 

These locations during nonworking hours have a big potential for theft. 

Customers have relayed stories about videos of their stands having locks picked in 30 seconds or less and stands being taken to locksmiths to have the padlock opened and new keys cut.

A customer complained that competitors accused him of stealing their product as all their padlocks were compromised and his were not.

Chinrose International caters to this industry.  We offer Laminated Steel Padlocks with anti bump cylinder locks and Chromed Brass Padlocks with disc and spacer mechanism cylinders that that cannot be picked and the keys are virtually impossible to duplicate.  The chrome on solid brass also resists rust and corrosion which is ideal for outdoor use.  An optional feature of this lock is a boron shackle.  Boron is the hardest known metal making a Boron Alloy shackle resistant to cutting and sawing.

Chinrose International offers this ability to design locks to fit and protect where a standard lock is not suitable.