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The Cylinder Lock is an extra security lock.  The lock body is chrome plated on solid brass.  There is no shackle eliminating the potential for cutting, sawing or prying.


The lock is available in 3 sizes, 11mm (Short Mill), 17mm and 19mm.  The correct size is determined by the door and the hasp.


Most common is the tubular key which is difficult to duplicate.  The tubular key also offers a lockout function.


The operator is provided a special key that will lock out or override and prevents the key from opening the lock.


The standard keyway with a 5 pin cylinder is available in the 19mm size.


Red and Yellow nylon body cylinder locks are available in keyed alike with a standard keyway. Management & Audit Locks




Item # Pins Length Key Style
CL11   7 7/16”(11mm) Tubular
CL17   7 11/16”(17mm) Tubular
CL19   7 3/4”(19mm) Tubular
CLF19   6 3/4”(19mm) Flat (Standard)
CLO   -- -- Tubular Overlock  Key


Product Features:

  • Chrome on Solid Brass Body
  • 7 Pin Brass Cylinder
  • Shackless design provides protection against cutting, sawing and prying

Customization Options:

  • Twin Pack available in CL19 Keyed Alike
  • Private Label
  • 3 Mill Lengths Available
  • Flat key available in the 19mm size
  • Available in Blister Packages for Retail Sales

Best Used For:

  • Self Storage Roll Up Doors
  • Garage and Shed Doors
  • Trucks and Transportation Containers Roll Up Doors
  • Commercial, Industrial and Storefronts


Self Storage     Container     Recycling     Newspaper and Media    Vending     Commercial     Government     Locksmith     Trucking     Schools and Universities

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