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 Chinrose International is an approved manufacturer of several National Stock Numbers (NSN’s) by the U.S. Government for Laminated Steel and Laminated Brass Padlocks.

We are also an approved supplier of Thermal Encased Laminated Padlock and Resettable Laminated Steel Combination Padlocks.


  • We supply both the Chinrose® and Securus® brand padlocks to local, state and Federal agencies including the U.S. Military. 
  • We are an approved manufacturer of several locks and many of these are assembled in the Oregon facility.
  • These locks meet and exceed the applicable ASTM Performance Standards F883-09 including surreptitious entry requirements.
  • Assembly manuals and all applicable tests are available.
  • Laminated steel or brass padlocks in keyed different or keyed alike sets with varying shackle lengths are listed below by National Stock Number (NSN).  Included in this list are 4 dial resettable padlocks.
  • Also available are non-sparking thermal encased padlocks.

We have existing contract with the US Giovernment and other Federal organizations.

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The Rotary Dial Combination Padlocks are available in 2 sizes and assorted colors of red, green, blue and black. These have 3 digit dialing combination security for keyless convenience.  The locks also have a stainless steel body with a hardened steel shackle.

Chinrose Locks

The Master Keyed Rotary Combination Padlock have the same features as the Rotary Dial Combination Padlock for keyless combination with 3 digit dialing plus key control.  The master key (override key) must be ordered separately and will open the padlock.  This feature has become accepted in educational and business environments.

Chinrose Locks

The Resettable Combination Padlock has the standard 4 digital dials under the padlock body.  The combination can easily be reset.  The locks are available in a solid brass body, zinc body and a laminated steel body.  These locks resist rust and corrosion and are ideal for outdoor use.


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